Jesse on stage at Wolftrap with Beausoleil (Photo by Patty Feehan Clark)
Photo by Patty Feehan Clark
Jesse & The Red Stick Ramblers
Jesse Lege and friends in NY State
  Photo:Michelle Perkins Kowalewski
Cajun Legends Walter Mouton & Jesse Lege
  Jesse with Bonsair Catin
Photo:Michelle Perkins Kowalewski

  Photo: Laura Rice
Joel Savoy & Jesse Lege at the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo, MD.
  Jesse Lege, Jamie Bergeron & Steve Riley at Strawberry Park Festival.
Cajun legends D.L. Menard, Jesse Lege, & Reggie Matte at the Blast From the Bayou Festival
Photo: Nancy Weston
Jesse Lége & The Redstick Ramblers   Jesse Lege, Joel Savoy & Bayou Brew at Bourques in Scott, Louisiana
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